Stepson Yana Rudkovskaya wants to communicate with their mother

Пасынок Яны Рудковской не хочет общаться с родной матерью “StarHit” found out why the son of Viktor Baturin is in no hurry to establish a relationship with a woman. For many years, the little boy receives Yana Rudkovskaya. All attempts to return the 14-year-old Andrew were unsuccessful, and Julia Saltovets barely managed to prove that she is the biological mother of a young boy.

      Пасынок Яны Рудковской не хочет общаться с родной матерью

      Ex-husband of Julia Saltovets and Yana Rudkovskaya was released in January 2016 – Victor Baturin spent in prison four years for fraud. While the businessman was serving a sentence in a relationship his ex-wives was a truce. Recall that his own son brings up Saltovets Rudkovskaya. All attempts to return were unsuccessful Andrew, Julia barely managed to prove that she is the biological mother of the boy.

      – Victor sent SMS with congratulations, he replied, “thanks…”, – shared with “Stricom” 36-year-old Saltovets. Who knows, maybe now something will change. Although we sometimes talk Yana. On 23 February, when congratulating his son on a holiday, again invited him to visit. Rudkovskaya responded “not against” and that Andrew was great, he’s 14, let him decide to go or not.

      Four years ago she and her youngest daughter Pauline moved to live in Spain. There she got a job in the University is a specialist in secretagogue. They have their own house, it’s all arranged photo Andrew.

      Пасынок Яны Рудковской не хочет общаться с родной матерью

      – After the courts realized that nothing can change, let go of the situation – continues Saltovets. – Waited, when Andrey will grow and he will understand. I have the phone number of Jana, I sent him holiday greetings, to the son care of yourself. On the eve of 2015 models for the first time in all these years I said, well, why not writing more often, I want to meet my son?

      Fly direct Saltovets are unable due to a work contract. The meeting was planned for the summer. In August in Sochi Julia for the first time in six years spoke to the son.

      – In dreams painted all a little different – she admits. Thought, talk about it… But it worked out somehow officially. My daughter was visiting relatives in Krasnodar, came to Sochi on the train, at the station we were met by a driver Rudkovskaya and drove to the hotel. In the lobby was waiting for Andrew, along with Yevgeny Plushenko and the guard. I hugged my boy, kissed. It’s so pretty, adult. Look like me: we have the same smile, we have similar noses, eye shape, and lip shape. Yes and the same is reserved and stubborn. Andrew successfully engaged in the Golf, studied at the elite school, is well-educated – a promising young man. We brought the son watches a good brand, he thanked.

      Пасынок Яны Рудковской не хочет общаться с родной матерью

      The communication was three hours. Ask how I was doing than studying. Andrew replied, but somehow… she Felt that he is uncomfortable. Although this reaction is understandable – he grows up in another family, maybe resentment. Plushenko helped to dilute the tension, joked, Andrew smiled. Perhaps Jack had anticipated this reaction, and therefore did not leave us alone. I asked to phone on Skype, Andrew did not want to, said there talking with friends, did not agree to capture a memory, they say, does not like to be photographed.

      After the meeting in Sochi with my favorite Andryushenka like a stone from shoulders has fallen. I want my story was with a happy ending. Wait and hope that someday he will call me mom.

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