Timur Rodriguez was forced to be naked in public

Тимура Родригеза заставили оголиться на публике
The provocation to the address of the entertainer arranged for his close friend Paul Will.

Timur Rodriguez on the set of the show “Improvisation”

Photo: Press service of TNT

When to visit
improvisers comes “man from childhood, Pavel Volya,” and in addition
a talented showman, singer and just “artist-holiday”, then on the stage you can do
all! That is exactly what will happen in the new episode “Improvisation” on TNT tonight at 20.00 with a star guest Timur Rodriguez!

To take his shirt off
bare ripped torso, to show the class on push UPS with claps, energetic
to dance and become one of the fastest and smartest of detectives — easy!
All of this with humor and infectious laugh will demonstrate viewers Timur Rodriguez. But improvisers are not in debt will remain. Dima Pozov sing, Arseniy
Priests compose poems in the style of Mayakovsky, Sergey Matvienko will show expressive
gestures from the current level, but most of all ignite Anton Shastun that
dance lower break. What inspired comedians such actions, we will see in the new
edition of the show “Improvisation” on TNT.

“I’m a big fan of “Improvisation” and I think this genre is one of the most
complex and interesting, — said Timur Rodriguez. — Injection of adrenaline that
I experienced during tasks, enough for about a year and a half! The most difficult was
relax and try not to joke during the “Breather”. In this episode function
the guest only support, you just say whatever POPs up in
head. But to get rid of the idea that you need to generate humor,
it is almost impossible. In short, instead of stupidly throw the guys that
got and look how they turned out, many guests, including me,
a bit slow, trying to think of something funny. “Shockers”, of course —
a brilliant discovery! But “Detective, “the stand” and “Options” in which I
participated together with the guys — just a delight!”