VIDEO “KINOTAVR-2017”: Dmitry Dyuzhev with his wife turned star track to the podium

ВИДЕО «КИНОТАВР-2017»: Дмитрий Дюжев с женой превратили звездную дорожку в подиум
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Dmitry Dyuzhev with his wife Tatiana

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The second contest
the day finished with a screening of the film by Andrey Silvestrov “the Hole”. This is one of the “dark
horses” at “Kinotavr”. If many of the competition films and wrote a lot
spoke to the festival in Sochi, something about this picture practically nothing
unknown. What is of high interest, because this film can
to be the main sensation of “Kinotavr”.

Traditionally, before
impressions from the Winter theatre was an improvised red carpet,
decoration of which every evening becomes the appearance of Tatiana and Dmitry Gurevich who is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and stylish couples in the country. The couple specially
pick outfits to go out and turn any premiere in true fashion