Тимур Еремеев попал в серьезную аварию The actor posted a photo of the accident scene. Timur Eremeev noted that he feels fine. However, due to the unpleasant situation, the man had to miss a few creative and business meetings.

Timur Eremeev is used to share interesting events with their fans. The artist often puts pictures on social networks done at work or on vacation. However, recently the actor spoke about the not very pleasant event. As it turned out, he was in a serious accident.

The man was not injured, but his car was severely damaged. Timur, with his usual irony spoke about the current situation.

“Today is a wonderful day! No matter what, going to the theatre. So, who is going to drive me home afterwards?” – wrote the actor on Instagram.

As it turned out, the vehicle Yeremeyev was hit by a tractor. The driver sharply passed back and did not notice the car of Timur. As a result, the actor’s car was badly damaged. In the comments to the post on the social network, he noted that he feels fine, but due to unpleasant situation missed some very important meetings. Fans rushed to console Yeremeyev after occurred trouble.

“The most important thing remained alive. It’s a dangerous business,” “Oh, Timur, the machine is in a terrible state. I hope insurance will cover it”, “the Culprit on a tractor, let the taxi pays. His fault,” said fans of the artist.

Timur himself, apparently not too upset with the situation. He thanked fans for their concern and noted that such a trifle could not affect his mood. Fans thanked Yeremeyev for his unquenchable optimism.

Now the young man actively playing in the cinema and the theatre. He literally lives like and using creative achievements to be distracted by family problems. Recently, Timur won a court with Carina of Mishulin, but had on this occasion no joy. Eremeev noted that in principle he would like to any legal proceedings was not.

However, Karina Mishulina not ready to abandon the claims addressed to Timur. In court, she represents the interests of the mother, whose health was undermined by the scandal with the possible illegitimate children of her deceased spouse. Still, some fans hope that relatives will be able to forget about their differences. Karina Mishulina is preparing for a new court of Timur Yeremeyev