В семье госпитализированного Гаркалина произошла новая трагедия Friends and relatives of the actor spoke about his health. Valery Garkalin is still in intensive care. Now, however, he came to the hospital and mother-in-law of the artist that shocked his family.
В семье госпитализированного Гаркалина произошла новая трагедия

A few weeks ago came the news of the hospitalization of actor Valery Garkalin. The man caught pneumonia and is still in intensive care. Relatives of the actor chose not to comment on his health, but recently decided to make an exception.

As it turned out, the disease developed rapidly. However, Garkalin a few days refused to go to the doctors because he had a lot of plans and work in the theater. Actress Irina Lachin shared the latest news about the health of fellow performers.

“He’s probably somewhere cold, but I thought, that’s okay, but it turned out to be pneumonia. Actors are accustomed to endure the cold on his feet. Such a profession. Moreover, men do not like to go to the doctors. We are all waiting for him, we love and wish a speedy recovery. Now with him are daughter and beloved grandson Timosha. In the boy doted, always talks about it excitedly. Valery Borisovich with incredible tenderness and love for his family,” said Lacin.

The daughter of actor nick also made contact with reporters. She reported that the condition of the father gradually improved, but still serious. Relatives hope that the disease will soon realize he can come home. Besides native Garkalin recently faced with a new tragedy.

“Dad severely neglected pneumonia. He bore her on his feet, worked hard, went. And just a few moments ago, our family was struck by yet another disaster. Just hospitalized our grandmother, mother-in-law of the Pope,” – said the heiress of the actor.

However, nick chose not to comment on the reason for the hospitalization of the grandmother. It is possible that we are talking about psychological problems, because the whole family Valery Borisovich hard going through what happened to him is a tragedy.

Informed the attending physician Garkalin reported that he remains in intensive care and his condition is estimated as extremely serious. However, he promised that the experts will try to do everything possible to normalize the state of health of the actor.

On the day of admission 63-year-old Garkalin was supposed to play in the play along with Irina Lacinai and Alexander Nosik. However, a few hours before the show was announced, what happens urgent replacement in the cast.

Fans of Valery Borisovich immediately sounded the alarm and demanded a report on the health of men. Recall that Garkalin is not the first time faced with health problems. About ten years ago a man had a heart attack. Despite this, he quickly recovered and returned to work.

Communicating with portal Woman’s Day Irina Lachin noted that work has always played a huge role in the life Garkalin. According to her, soon the man will return to active creative work.