«Холостяк-6»: кто поборется за сердце Егора Крида On 11 March on channel TNT will premiere the long-awaited continuation of one of the most romantic TV shows. “StarHit” found who will try to win Yegor creed. Among the contestants was a sex coach, analyst, mother of two children, a girl seven months pregnant, Nude model, reality show star and participant of “DANCING”.
«Холостяк-6»: кто поборется за сердце Егора Крида

In the sixth season of “the Bachelor” by tradition will meet 25 girls who are absolutely different from each other. Participating in the show are waiting for candid conversations with Egor Creed, Dating at the world’s end and checking for sincerity. Of course, without a showdown too, was not in particularly dramatic moments of beauty could not hold back emotions. Egor, too, gave vent to feelings that can be seen in the intriguing teasers. According to producers, the new “Bachelor” was very candid. “StarHit” studied who will fight for the heart of Yegor creed.

Egor Krid took away a pregnant contestant of “the Bachelor” abroad

Anastasia SMIRNOVA

«Холостяк-6»: кто поборется за сердце Егора Крида

27-year-old Anastasia Smirnova from Nizhny Novgorod — the girl brave and confident. Behind the model and TV presenter participation in “Holiday in Mexico” and the “House-2”. Anastasia believes that someday you will meet your love. As it turned out, Belle was already familiar with Egor Creed, and give her this fact advantage, the audience finds out in the air, “the Bachelor.”

“At the audition I came by chance. Intuition told me that there will be people who are interesting to me and pretty, — says Anastasia. — Once at the meeting, Yegor asked me would I participate in any reality. Here was a puzzle, and I immediately started thinking about what it will be “the Bachelor”! After that I decided to participate in the project… I don’t Have any clear guidelines to reach the final or not to fly after the first ceremonies of roses. I want to clarify some points in my relationship with Yegor”.

Daria Klyukina

23-year-old Daria Klyukina known for its participation in the fifth season of “the Bachelor” by Ilya Glinnikov, who continually provided her all sorts of attentions. So, the girl one of the first to receive a rose from the actor. Many viewers were sincerely believe that Daria will remain in the final show. But fate decreed otherwise — after a meeting with Ilya in Sochi, the model unexpectedly left the project. Glinnikov was very upset the decision of Lukinoj, who said that she was with him on the way. In the future, Daria starred in the TV series “the Street” and then decided to try again on “the Bachelor”.

It is known that in moments of unrest, brunette stutters. The girl is constantly working to get rid of this problem.

“As a child I was very scared shepherd: she threw a stick in my direction and she ran after her. I didn’t understand and thought that the dog runs at me, fell down and got unconscious… Woke up with a black eye. Mom, of course, was a shock. Actually, since I stutter,” — said Klyukina “StarHit”.


«Холостяк-6»: кто поборется за сердце Егора Крида

26-summer Elena Rydkina was born in Norilsk. After high school she moved to Moscow to become a student of the Higher school of Economics. In one of the leading universities in the country Elena studied sociology, anthropology and cognitive psychology. Rydkina well known in the capital as a teacher and coach — she lectures, conducts workshops and trainings in the field of culture sex. According to blondes, she is not going to look for a spouse on the set of the TV show. Ideal Helena is tall and athletic man.

Alice Liss

33-year-old Alice Liss from Odessa — one of the most popular Nude models in Russia and CIS countries. The owner of a memorable and impressive appearance has starred in music videos and This Scrooge Sokolova for the song “Indigo”, and also in the video Dzhigan for the song “Days and nights”. As it turned out, the way Liss to success was very difficult. Peers did not accept Alice and constantly abused her. As a child, Lissa was even put in the portfolio of dead rats.

According to Alice, “the Bachelor” linked to her romantic memories. When Belle watched the show together with former boyfriend, and he regularly gave her roses with the words: “Today you stay in the project!” Speaking about Yegor Cride, blonde highlights that I wanted to get acquainted with the performer as a person.

“I think I will call the best quality Yegor his sincerity. He says what he thinks right now, this minute. He does not hide his feelings and emotions. Egor tries to adhere to the truth in any situation, he has not lost a noble human quality that is extremely rare in the world of show-business,” says Liss.


«Холостяк-6»: кто поборется за сердце Егора Крида

24-year-old Rosa Herz from Tashkent is not afraid to go for the experiments. Being a scientist by training, she decided to start a career in show business. In December 2016, the brunette presented the video for the song “Break up”, which was released on the YouTube channel producer Maxim Fadeev. Among other Hobbies Rose fashion and Boxing. In addition, she is keenly interested in international relations and always ready to keep the conversation on this topic. Favorite star handsome Hertz — David Beckham and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

“I need first of all a brave man, a man who is not afraid to take risks. Such will be the hero of the TV show,” assured rose.

Olga Lomakina

23-year-old native of the Lipetsk region Olga Lomakina — fashion model and actress. In childhood she performed at the evenings close reading poems. Career of the actress Olga started in 2012. The girl was involved in episodes of such well-known series like “Kitchen” and “roof of the world”. I wonder what Olga can be seen in the is with Egor Creed — last year they advertised smartphone.


«Холостяк-6»: кто поборется за сердце Егора Крида

Looking at young Amelia Fomin, hard to believe she has two children. 21-year-old resident of Dubna for the first time became a mother in 2015, and two years later her second child was born. Amelia is the owner of a clothing store, and actively leads social network. The young woman often shares photos of sons, who always gather a large number of likes. Fomin would like to meet a smart, educated and beautiful of the chosen one rising from 180 cm.

Polina Knyazeva

25-year-old Polina Knyazeva moved to Moscow from Nizhny Novgorod region. The girl works as a model and is not afraid of experiments. Instagram knyazevoy you can see the provocative shots, causing a storm of emotions among its subscribers. According to Pauline, she has not wanted to pose for photographers. Shortly before the premiere of “the Bachelor,” Knyazev posted on the microblog photo with a rounded stomach, heated the interest to the person. However, some followers brunettes came to the conclusion that she decided to make a joke. I wonder what Polina like unconventional men, like canadian actor Michael CERA, rapper Husky and soloist of the group “Vulgar Molly” Kirill Pale.


28-year-old Angelica Myself from Nizhny Novgorod occupies the post of Deputy General Director for commercial issues in a logistic company. In her spare time, she prefers outdoor. Angelica enjoys fitness, skiing, riding jet skis and even road-jumping (jumping rope with high object. – Ed.). The young woman took part in the project, in the seventh month of pregnancy. “I’m not looking for a husband. I go for emotions is to give and receive them. If I’m still and married, it will only amuse me,” says Angelica.

Elena Golovan

23-year-old Elena Golovan — the finalist of the fifth season of the Ukrainian version of the Bachelor where she competed for the heart of the football player Sergey Melnik. For the filming of the show the girl had to put a rapidly developing career on pause. Being a professional, Elena participated in the project “everybody Dance” and “DANCING” on TNT. In his spare time Golovan enjoys singing, music and psychology.

Juliana Pylayeva

28-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Uliana Pylayeva participated in the second season of “DANCING” on TNT and the show “Where is the logic?”. She dances with seven years and managed to achieve impressive achievements. Uliana had the opportunity to work with Mikhail Grebenshikov, group SEREBRO and Maksim singer, she also performed “Song of the year” and the fir-Tree concert in SC “Olympic”.

Over a long period of time Pylayeva met with the choreographer Garik Mine, made to show “DANCING” in the team Yegor Druzhinin. However, young people were forced to leave.

“I’ve been in a relationship, the man (choreographer Garik Mine. — Ed.) all I had was a teacher, motivator and beloved man. I wanted to be his wife, but did not. When you live with a man for eight years, in the relationship needs to be dynamic. First you meet, then it is necessary to create a family and have children. I waited, but, unfortunately, he did not dare,” says Juliana.