Timothy was reunited with Alena Shishkova

Тимати воссоединился с Алёной Шишковой
The rapper spent a day with former lover.

Тимати воссоединился с Алёной Шишковой

Timati Alena Shishkova and daughter Alisa

Photo: @timatiofficial Instagram

Timothy spent the whole day in the company of a former lover Alena Shishkova and three year old daughter Alice. Once a year the parents of a little girl being reunited, and, forgetting all the wrongs, give the girl a “heavenly day” spent together. This time, as in previous years, a mandatory part of the birthday party Alice has become a common photo shoot.

Timati Alena Shishkova and daughter Alisa.

Photo: @missalena.92 Instagram Of Alena Shishkova

Interestingly, this year the star family clothes for shooting in black tones. Fans noted that due to this decision Timati Alena and Alisa look at the photos kind of dark. “But why black? That year was white, and it was cool, and so not very!”, “As the cemetery came. The horror!” — written by Timothy. It is worth noting that the current girlfriend of rapper, Anastasia Reshetova, flew with him to celebrate the birthday of Alice of the island.

Girl’s day spent with my parents was the best gift. If the Pope Alice sees quite often with my mom she spends significantly less time. Her upbringing is mainly engaged in the mother of rapper Simon that leads to social networks vlog where he talked about the achievements of his three year old granddaughter.