Kate Gordon has shown the first photo of the youngest son

Катя Гордон показала первое фото младшего сына
Little Leon was a month.

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Kate Gordon, a month after the birth of the youngest son Leon showed him the first photo. The baby’s face, the artist is hiding, but boasted that he had purchased for his son a convenient bed-carriage. In the caption to the published frame Gordon congratulated Leon happy birthday and confessed her love for him.

“Today we month. Wonderful month a completely different new life. True, deep life. I am the mother of two sons, and I want more… This categorical love is just what you need my poetic soul!” — written by Katya. And the questions of fans about whether it will in future become a large mum, Gordon said, “Yes!”

Subscribers called Katya heroic woman, because a month ago its hardly “pumped out” in the hospital. Due to complications after giving birth Gordon was in intensive care, where he spent several days. Usually after these tests, women need time to recover from the incident. However, Kate is already ready to think about how to give birth to more.

By the way, Gordon did not go on leave for child care. She promptly picked up the baby the perfect nanny while Kate works, helps her with Leon. The name of his dad Gordon still keeps secret the wedding, and to play without rushing.