Timothy was furious because of the diagnosis

Тимати пришел в ярость из-за поставленного диагноза
The singer commented on the hospitalization.


Photo: @Instagram Timati timatiofficial

Yesterday in a press there was an information that Timothy was hospitalized with acute chest pain. It was reported that he is undergoing a heart examination because of serious problems. But the artist himself denied this information. Knowing that he has attributed to the deadly disease, he was furious, as reported in social networks.

According to the rapper, he’s only completed planned examination and no cause for concern. However, he did it in a rather aggressive manner, which aroused the disapproval of subscribers who are seriously worried about his health. “I can no longer hike planned, to pass tests, to check vision, do a gastroscopy and MRI and lots of other stuff that normal, take care of their health a man has to do at least once a year, without wrote that I almost got killed… Four cars with cameras at the hospital! Endless calls to the press centre and… Shazam! At 7:30 in the morning until I saw tenth dream, a correspondent with the included video telephone, has penetrated to my house and filmed me sleep!” — shared emotions of Timothy.

By the way, the stars often find themselves in a similar situation. Some time ago Cheryl Cole appealed to doctors because of my allergies. Paparazzi noticed Daineko at the entrance to a medical facility and immediately attributed her severe illness. Fortunately, these conjectures, as in the case of Timothy, was not confirmed.