Ilya Glinnikov made a sensational recognition about the filming of the show “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников сделал сенсационное признание о съемках шоу «Холостяк»
Star of TV series “Interns” talked about scripts, and hired Actresses.

Ilya Glinnikov

Photo: @Instagram glinnikov1st Ilya Glinnikov

For a long time of airing the show “the Bachelor” managed to acquire a bunch of rumors. In particular, many viewers regularly questioned the fact that the program is not staged. Ilya Glinnikov, who became the protagonist of the fifth season of “the Bachelor,” in a sarcastic manner commented on the questions his fans about the plausibility of what is happening on the TV screen.

“The most popular question about the show “the Bachelor”: “the same place all the script?” Yes, of course all according to the script! By chance, all the girls were with the academic theatre education! — joked Glinnikov. They very quickly learn the text and know how to pursue the goal, objective and most important task! Keep the background and a few objects of attention in the frame, that’s why they are: very long answer open-ended questions – text remember, the forest escape, the tears pour, from the show go – it’s written by a whole team of writers, read poetry, on the roof of the train climb, paragliding, flying, skydiving. It is not they – it is their stunt doubles. (especially poetry), Because of freedom of choice they have — there is a script! For me, too, by the way, everything is decided by the producers! Why should I be surprised. What personal qualities make, and which are not. How and with whom I will live on!”

By the way, the project overcame its “equator”. In the last aired release Ilya violated the rules of the project and not “kicked out” any of the participants. As a result, in the show at the moment, there are six beauties competing for the heart star of TV series “Interns”.