Тимати подрался с Егором Кридом из-за девушки

Fortunately, not in real life, but in a joint video for the song “Where are you, where am I”.

Hit “Where are you, where am I”, we note, was first presented in the album Timati “Olympus” in mid-April.

The clip is a small film-drama about love, money and family values.

The plot – the romantic story of Yegor and his lover, visits which take place exclusively in expensive restaurants and luxury malls. Young man every day presents girlfriend gifts of jewelry, dresses and gadgets. But one day, he introduces the girl with best friends, among whom was Timothy. And here begins the drama.

It turns out that Timothy knows the current date and Egor opens his eyes to her: young lady needs from the man only money. Between friends there is a dispute turning into a fight. Pull them apart, after some time, Greg and Timothy meet again and see their mutual friend in the company of an elderly millionaire…

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But all ends well. Timothy finds happiness with a new girl and they have babies. Egor Krid, too, finds his soul mate.

What happened to the main character, look in the video!

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