В дисквалификации Шараповой виноват ее менеджер

Max Eisenbud had not seen the list of banned drugs, because I was busy with personal issues.

This story dragged on since March. Then the Russian tennis player and a dozen of our athletes accused of using illegal drug Meldonium. But then everyone except Masha, justified (the dose of the substance in their blood was negligible, and they took the vehicle before January 1, 2016 – the moment when it was announced doping).

The consideration Mashinnogo the case was delayed. Last week the international tennis Federation disqualified her for two years. Athlete did this and after January 1, 2016, so such a strict verdict. While recognizing that took Masha Meldonium unintentionally.

It turns out that Sharapova just didn’t know that he is listed as a prohibited medication. Blame her Manager Max Eisenbud. Usually he was checking that list while on vacation in the Caribbean. And in 2015, Max is divorced and the rest did not go. And nothing to compare did not – not before it, and the client is not recalled.

Now in the long vacation will be Maria. She, however, has filed a lawsuit against the decision on the disqualification. With regard to advertising contracts, the French mineral water Evian, Nike and racket manufacturer Head cooperation with Sharapova extended. But the automaker Porsche, the watch brand Tag Heuer and the manufacturer of cosmetics Avon is not going to renew her contracts.

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