Стала известна причина смерти Алексея Дайнеко

Today it became known that so early took the life of Russian actor Alexander Dayneko, the star of the TV series “Truckers-3”, “Dossier detective Dubrovsky”, “What did the dead”, “Lawyer”, etc. Experts have established that the actor died from stomach bleeding.

Close to the actor told sources that from time to time he abused alcohol, after which he was very bad. They could not think that this could be the cause of the tragedy.
Ambulance staff who arrived on a call on June 13, also were unable to identify internal bleeding and left, not offering hospitalization. When they arrived the second time, the help, unfortunately, is not needed.
According to one version, the death could be pulmonary embolism (not so long ago, Alex broke his leg, and torn at the site of fracture the blood clot could cause a blockage of the artery).
Recall that on the death of her husband on his page in the social network said Elena Logatskaya, wife Daineko.
“Today was not Alyosha… I don’t want to believe it, unable to believe it,” she wrote then.

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