Friske parents are fighting for the rights on her posthumous album

Родители Фриске борются за права на ее посмертный альбом

Sound engineer Sergei Haruta involved in the recording of the last tracks of the star, told about the situation with copyright.

Recently, the world learned of eight never heard tracks recorded by Joan in different times. Release them into the light gathered by the producer Andrey Grozny, which was once called the greatest love of the singer.

Now, these tracks became the reason of new scandal around the name of the singer. The fact that the parents of Jeanne Friske has stated its desire to dispose of the posthumous album of the deceased daughter.

However, the 42-year-old engineer Sergei Haruta, who has worked with Jeanne for 10 years and participated in the creation of her latest record, told that the family of the artist has no rights to these songs.

“All right always belonged to Zhanna and Andrey Grozny. She did not own anything. With all the hype around Janna Friske admittedly, she was only a product of show business, which was the result of a great team. The songs of Jeanne worked two poets, a large staff of musicians, Andrei and many others. Friske was the only face of the company, a regular salaried employee, as we all do. For all the time she didn’t write a single line, a single note. This is a fully producing project. It is foolish to think that the rights to songs can be Zhanna, I doubt that Andrew gave them to her, even in life. Native singer, in my opinion, nothing to claim – they have no rights to these songs,” explained Sergei situation “Life”.

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