Tim Roth has dishonoured her own grandfather

Тима Рота обесчестил родной дед The actor has frankly told about the violence he experienced in childhood. Previously, Roth talked about the fact that he was subjected to humiliating acts of a sexual nature, but never shared the details. In an interview with British reporters, the movie star broke a long silence.

      Тима Рота обесчестил родной дед

      55-year-old British actor Tim Roth recently gave an interview to the British journalists, in which he talked about the new BBC series “Rillington place”. In an interview with the respected publication, the artist made a shocking confession. Mouth openly talked about how his childhood was raped by mother’s grandfather. A long time movie star chose not to share it with the public. Recently, however, Tim decided to break the silence and speak out on the subject of what happened to him decades ago.

      According to Roth, the grandfather had molested him when he was little. The same man doing in relation to the parent of a celebrity. Tim was so scared that I did not even think about having someone to complain to.

      “When dad was a kid he was abused. He had a horrible childhood. And he took all this shit seriously… the Father was abused. And I was seduced. But not the Pope… It was his father. He was g*** a rapist. But no one could say a word. Nobody knew what to do. That’s why I removed the “Zone of hostilities”, – said the actor.
      Тима Рота обесчестил родной дед

      Recall that the picture, which says Roth, was released in 1999. British artist acted as the Director of this film, which is based on the eponymous novel by Alexander Stuart. He talks about the teenager, suddenly opened a sexual relationship between his sister and father. In the drama were involved such actors as Tilda Swinton, ray Winstone and Lara Belmont.

      Earlier, emphasizes The Guardian, Tim Roth has admitted to having suffered childhood sexual abuse. However, he never specified the details of what happened to him. It was known only that the Mouth is turned to the analyst only when he was over forty.

      Tim Roth was born in the UK in may 1961. In 1996 he received nominations for “Oscar” and “Golden globe”, then he was handed authoritative a BAFTA for best supporting actor in the film “Rob Roy”. The actor known for his participation in such films as “reservoir dogs”, “Disgusting eight”, “the Legend”. Very popular also enjoys the TV series “Lie to me”, in which Roth played Dr. cal Lightman.