Анна Седокова проводит ночи с новым мужчиной The singer was intrigued by the subscribers with a young man. In the photo with Sedokova is a man, but his face difficult to see. In the caption to frame the star confessed in passionate feelings for the boyfriend.

      Recently Anna Sedokova has admitted that most of the time in her life is work and raising children. According to the artist, it is desperate to find her perfect man.

      However, a new frame in the microblog Sedokova suggests otherwise. The actress shared the picture, which lies next to her man. The person chosen singer is hard to read, as he looks at her. Photo caption left no doubt have followers Anna: it’s her new companion.

      “In one moment a miracle happens in your life it appears. The best. You know it’s not right. Only after those tests in which you confronts destiny. And the more intended the love, the harder the tricks of fate. He’s the best. And today I already know that. Thank heavens. Thank you for everything”, – said Sedokova.

      Fans of the singer are trying to guess who won her heart. Some believe that the actress is too much of a hurry to talk about the new chosen one, as, in their opinion, happiness love peace. Other subscribers wish her to be loved. “My good, happiness and the big love you!” “I’m very happy! The most pleasant news in the morning! We’re happy for you, Anya!”, “So much tenderness in one photo!”, “Be the happiest woman in the world! You deserve this!”, wrote the followers of the artist.

      The singer is very long been intrigued by Network users bouquets of flowers, which gave her an unknown man. Fans Sedokova wanted her to find happiness, because after breaking up with dancer Sergei Guman artist could not build a strong relationship. For a long time, Anna couldn’t part with the choreographer. Anna Sedokova about parting with your beloved: “I like cut off a body part”

      “I decided, though, and have given it difficult. Some nights I lay and looked at the ceiling, then at our first portrait – it gave a fan three months ago and flipped through pictures on his phone… Inside all was still, it was hard to breathe. I guess when you madly want it to go well, you think, well, that’s it – my happiness, my love, my life… Well, not perfect, but it will pass, we will overcome. And then you realize you lived illusions of a perfect future. As if a curtain falls and you’re in the real world, not in a dream when the most”, – said Sedokova.