Три самых нелепых слуха о беременности Ксении Собчак

It seems that no one pregnant celebrity been so infotake, as editor of L’officiel. Surprisingly, when her husband live in Xenia network actually discussing who the father of her child. The candidates – unknown millionaire and husband Glyuk’ozy Alexander Chistyakov. We have collected the top three most absurd hypotheses. Purely to laugh.

The Gipsy has foretold: from the birth of Maxim Xenia prevent incompatibility with her husband

Speaking ill of the famous blonde sometimes interesting not only to fans and journalists, but also Gypsies Yes, any kind of clairvoyant. One of them, Elena Luskova, one of the finalist of “the battle of psychics”, I saw on Xenia the crown of batrachia. The assurances of the Gypsy, all marriages are doomed Ksenia and Maxim in addition, they are completely incompatible. That is – PA-BAM! — it may not be the child’s father. Logical, right?

The Reaction Sobchak

This version is so comical that the Board not even offended. Right, why waste mental energy on the Gypsy. In Instagram, quoting Lyulyakovo, Sobchak wrote: “Called “good morning, sir:”)))!!! From Elena Lyskovoy nothing to hide, hide!!!”

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Ksenia got pregnant from her husband Glyuk’ozy in intimate photos

The issue flows smoothly from the first post: if the father is not Vitorgan, who will? Controversial blogger Lena Miro assumed it was… husband Glyuk’ozy. Apparently guided by the fact that Ksenia and Natalia Ionova friend, moreover, Sobchak at the time, introduced the singer with her husband – a successful businessman Alexander Chistyakov.

If you believe Miro, Xenia not long ago shared with Chistyakov intimate photos. This are the children.

“Yesterday, Sobchak said that kids hate, but today boulnois and got pregnant. Just six months ago, she has sent the pictures to the co-owner of oil company Ruspetro Alexander Chistyakov – husband of his girlfriend Natalia Ionova, known for its fertility. And now Sobchak is pregnant. Maxim Vitorgan, her husband, she called a mediocre actor who never seemed to be enough stars in the heavens. From mediocre peasants women, as a rule, do not give birth,” wrote Lena in his blog in LiveJournal.

The Reaction Sobchak

“Well, voracious fetus in the womb Ksenia Sobchak ate the last remnants of the brain in some network worms,” Sobchak said in his Instagram. But that did not stop, and decided to play the Comedy to the end, writing Chistyakov. Yes, someone, on the assurances of Miro, it gifts to their pornocartoon.

“My husband scolds now that I send you some photos, and everyone will know our terrible secret, that the child from you. Could get them back, be a gentle man,” wrote Sobchak other. And received the same answer: “Nah… that won’t do! The legend should work to the end. Let’s send that I was aware of the details. Only expressive photo, please.”

And the stomach is not real!

And finally, not so witty, but also walking across the network assumption. Child’s birth the surrogate mother. Supposedly, the belly-invoice, and this baby is carrying is not a Xenia.

“The stomach that appears and disappears. On some photos it large and on the other Xenia – skinny,” the commentators write in Instagram. But then she is to blame: hiding the figure behind the expensive bags and friends. And then archive the card lay. Confuses the public.

The Reaction Sobchak

But on this account it is not. Apparently, to this hypothesis Xenia have not yet read. Although in comparison with previous it is really pales.

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