Свезло: бродячий кот получил работу в элитном отеле

The once homeless animals now have a salary and personal chef.

This story could form the basis of a tearful movie like “Hachiko”. Redhead Turkish lonely cat roamed the streets of Marmaris in search of food and a better life. The rain lashed his face, the strong wind on and mess up their mats in the fur. The cat was desperate. Trying to shelter from the weather, he ran into one of the hotels. And then his fate changed dramatically…

Further, no notions, but only the truth of life, this time not bitter. The creature noticed the staff and guests of the hotel. Their gentle disposition he won their sympathy. The foundling was called Simba, in honor of the proud and strong lion cub hero of disney. Moreover, the cat took the staff of the hotel, and its contents are provided item of expenditure in the budget. In order to the newly as the hotel business is not solicited food from compassionate residents, specifically for him to cook up balanced cat menu. Terms, we can say, hothouse. But the workload is high. Simba is open seven days a week. His main responsibility is pricked guests and to be photographed with them. By the way, people wanting to make a frame with the local star there.

“Simba was lucky enough to achieve great success in the world of hotel business, – says the Manager of the hotel. — High position, positive feedback, international reputation, good reward about these achievements can only dream of. Sometimes I think he’s here, not me. While sure!”

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