«This will be a HIT The track received the playful name “Cares me “.”

So, casting aside false modesty, Marina assured that this song is simply perfect.

“I have always strived for perfection. In my heart I dreamed of writing a song that would be perfect in every way and would be liked by everyone. What does ideal mean? This means that all the main components must coincide in the song: music, words, meaning, beauty and simplicity of the melody, and simplicity of performance.
The song “Caress Me” is exactly like that. Everything worked out miraculously for her. And this is no coincidence, because it is dictated by Heaven. I wrote it in one evening, sitting on the floor. And I immediately knew that it would be a HIT,” Marina Tabri shared with journalists.

To what extent her statements are true, there is only one way to find out – listen and then download from any digital platform.

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