Вещи Уитни Хьюстон распроданы на аукционе за полмиллиона долларов

Whitney Houston is another celebrity, whose personal belongings after her death, auctioned.

Auction house Heritage gave the opportunity for everyone, especially fans of the singer, get yourself something to remember her by.

Fortunately, Heritage has provided a large selection of personal belongings of the singer, from stage sets, pumping even a passport.

So, the sale was put up wedding gown and veil (the initial cost of 40 thousand dollars), a red ensemble of coat and top, embroidered with sequins and beads that Houston wore to the UNICEF concert in Germany in 1998 (3 thousand dollars). Lot was a black velvet jumpsuit with original crystals from her favorite fashion designer Marc Bauer, in which Whitney performed during the tour 1991 “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (2 thousand dollars) and many other things.

Among the most unusual of the lots is the first passport of the actress on February 19, 1985.

Journalists managed to find out that the pair of sneakers Houston Nike Air Jordan, she went from basketball player Michael Jordan, was sold for 20 thousand dollars. 16 thousand dollars mystery buyer laid out for a new fur Whitney brand Dolce & Gabbana. All were sold at the auction of personal belongings of the singer in the amount of 500 thousand dollars.

By the way, the coveted statuette “Emmy” won by the singer in 1986 and put up for auction was not because of the ban on its sale. The award was handed over to the family of the artist.

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