Галина Юдашкина шокировала поклонников татуировками маленького сына

In April of this year the daughter of one of the most famous of Russian designers Valentin Yudashkin did his grandfather.

Galina and her husband Peter Maksakov for the first time became the parents of the baby, who was given the name Anatoly.

All the time, Halyna dedicates the child, however, the girl never forgets that the mother also needs to be in order and in a good mood, because the sport began. In no time Galina was able to regain his previous form, and this became possible thanks to Pilates.

The results of their training Yudashkin regularly shares in social network Instagram. In addition, Galina publishes pictures of their son, but still a child’s face is not showing.

Галина Юдашкина шокировала поклонников татуировками маленького сына

Once the Anatolia order surprised bloggers. In the picture of the baby imprinted in bodysuit with long sleeves that look like tattoos!

Outfit Anatolia did not go unnoticed by subscribers Umaskini. Under the photo began to appear comments as follows: “the Sun!:)))”, “Small, Yes udalenkie)) tattoos are awesome!)))))”, “Tattoo super!”, “Cool and creative!”.

But as usual there were those who expressed their bewilderment with the choice of clothes for the child, noting that children should be children as long as possible and that they should not be decorated as a personal toy.

Speaking of her new role – the role of mother Galina recently told the magazine Hello!, and shared rearing of Anatolia.

“Life turned around 360 degrees! But my husband and I try to adjust the child into our lives and not our under his. If we’re going to the restaurant for a walk or to visit friends, always take it with you to from the cradle was open to the world and every day I learned something new,” — said Galina.

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