Kristina Asmus enjoy a family idyll

Кристина Асмус наслаждается семейной идиллией
The actress showed the grown daughter.

Кристина Асмус наслаждается семейной идиллией

Garik Kharlamov and his daughter Nastya

Photo: @Instagram asmuskristina Kristina Asmus

Kristina Asmus is not often spoils fans of family snapshots. But today she decided to change his rule and posted a touching picture of her husband — Garik Kharlamov with their grown two year old daughter.

Gentle the Nasty with dad, instantly found an echo in the hearts of the followers of the actress. After all, in our everyday life sometimes does not have enough examples of a peaceful family idyll. Such emotions caused photography fans of Christina. The face of his little girl Asmus carefully hides from prying eyes, but fans had the opportunity to appreciate the gorgeous locks of the two-year Nasti. Many also noticed that Garik Kharlamov recently lost a lot of weight.

“Such long hair! Wow! I think the proud mom”, “Super photo! The girl is already so big!” commented subscribers.

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus with her daughter Nastya

Photo: @Instagram asmuskristina Kristina Asmus

Meanwhile, Christine is now seldom get to spend time with the family. All because of busy schedule of the actress. Despite the birth of a child, Asmus did not make a big break in work and tries to continue the same active secular way of life as before birth.

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