Родители Жанны Фриске запускают благотворительный проект в ее честь

The family of Jeanne Friske will help people who are in a difficult situation to cope with befallen on them from unforeseen circumstances. What exactly is it that will engage novoivanovsky charity project called “Zhanna Friske – I’m coming!” unknown at this time. All items will inform others on June 28 at producer center Igor Sandler. In the conference dedicated to this event, will involve the singer’s father Vladimir Borisovich Friske and her mother Olga, sister Jenny Friske Natalia, founder and head of the charity project Alex Holoptsev and development Director of the project Olga Prokhorova. Host of the conference –will be honored worker of culture of Russia Igor Sandler.

At the moment we know that his goal of a charity project sees the help to children-orphans, children left without parental care and children with disabilities.

Note that now the Friske family new business as never before. After the tragic death of Joan and fight with Dmitry Shepelev for the right to see her grandson and nephew of Plato, they piled new misfortune associated with favorite dogs of Jeanne.

Jack Russell Terrier singer, who did not depart from her bed in her last days, was tragically killed – Lucas hit by a car.

In addition, ill with cancer, another dog Friske – Labrador ULKA (full name Willis).

Diagnosis pet sounds — the swelling of the lymph nodes, lymphosarcoma that dogs, in fact, a sentence.

It looks like the dog nilly repeats the fate of his mistress. The nature of the treatment has not been studied, but it is believed that cancer is a “disease of boredom” appears after severe stress and depression.

Note that in their four-legged friends Jeanne doted. Press, the singer said many times that dogs are the best listeners. “Sit down next to him, I tell him why I’m in a bad mood, and the dog stares, listens, and then lick my nose,” laughed the singer. – A dog’s loyalty is amazing…” — shared Jeanne.


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