“Thick and thin”. How has Ivan Urgant and Semyon Slepakov for 12 years

«Толстый и тонкий». Как изменились Иван Ургант и Семен Слепаков за 12 лет
Well-known producer congratulated an old friend on the 40th anniversary by publishing the archive.

Ivan Urgant, Semyon Slepakov, Vitya AK-47s (in the middle)

Semyon Slepakov,
congratulating happy birthday Ivan Urgant (yesterday the TV presenter turned 40
years), published in the personal microblog archival photograph of a 12-year-old,
where he poses with a young Urgant and child, now known as rapper Victor
An AK-47. Simon described Ivan as a strong professional and beautiful

“Coming from
Petersburg, an unknown boy, he has achieved everything and was the first! Dear
Ivan! I wish you to be healthy, happy, beautiful and incredibly successful
because you deserve it. I think in Russia there is quite a bit
people who envy will join my congratulations and let it
be on the conscience of Garik with Sergei”, signed the Slepakov.

stars immediately had two questions. The first was “an unknown
boy” — Internet users are reminded Simon that the stars belong to
a very famous and influential acting dynasty. The second touched the
Seed — fans raved that for 12 years Semyon managed to bring
her figure in shape and to lose weight considerably. Now Ivan and Semyon approximately one
build, and the pictures are very different. “Wow has chudno! Simon,
I barely recognized you in this photo!” — they wrote.

By the way,
congratulating Ivan on his birthday, which superstitious people do not say, Slepakov does
not offended friend, Ivan wanted to spit on stupid prejudices, so yesterday
spent birthday in the company of friends. On the eve Urgant published a short
funny video, where said subscribers personal microblog, which, by the way,
artist 7 million that is celebrating a birthday alone. Last
the statement, of course, was a joke on the subject, why not celebrate 40 years.