« У меня 3000 детей». Удается ли Кейт Хадсон совмещать карьеру и материнство?

Kate Hudson — mother of three children from different fathers – sons Bingham “Bing” hawn and Ryder Russell Robinson, and almost one year old daughter Rani rose Hudson Fujikawa.

« У меня 3000 детей». Удается ли Кейт Хадсон совмещать карьеру и материнство?

Because Kate Hudson is not only mom, but the actress and business woman, many days, a celebrity is harder than most of the other women.

So, in a recent interview, the star talked about his new fashion label, “Happy x Nature” and how is it difficult to combine a career with being a good mom to three kids, one of which is still very small. Hudson jokes that daughter Rani rose is now “very loud” and requires a lot of attention.

« У меня 3000 детей». Удается ли Кейт Хадсон совмещать карьеру и материнство?

— I wish there was a perfect balance between work and family. But the truth is that it is not, — says 40-year-old Hudson. — I just accept and realize that from day to day, you know?

Also, the actress emphasizes that it is important to have time just for themselves.

— I need a little time to make sure that I feel healthy, I feel good, mentally and physically. However, the path to realize the need for mom’s personal space and time – the long Now…every day I try to set aside a moment to make sure I was all right, I’m not burned out. And I spend enough time with their, you know, “3000 children” joked Hudson. — My boyfriend and I do everything possible to ensure their attention.

Kate Hudson emphasizes that the major role in the upbringing of children plays and her other half Papa Rani rose is the founder of record company “Lightwave Records” Danny Fujikawa. The actress praises him for what he is “such a wonderful, supports her and helps in every way.”

« У меня 3000 детей». Удается ли Кейт Хадсон совмещать карьеру и материнство?

To have someone so helpful and always ready to leave my job to come home — the most wonderful in life. We’re a great team, says Hudson about her boyfriend.

Note that from Danny Fujikawa the actress has only his youngest daughter, the sons were born from other men Hudson. So, the eldest son, 15-year – old Ryder was born in 2004 from her marriage to musician Chris Robinson, and 8-year-old “Bing” was born when the star was in a relationship with the frontman for the band “Muse” Matthew Bellamy.

Also Kate Hudson stressed that to cope with all her helps and mother of the no less famous actress Goldie hawn.

— Because she’s my mom, but, you know, we have some points of disagreement, as in all families, says Hudson.

Kate Hudson was born and raised in the “star” family. Her mom was a popular actress of her time, and dad had replaced the actor and producer Kurt Russell, with whom Goldie hole started Dating a few years after the birth of Kate. It was his Kate and her brother are considered “native”.

Also in April of this year in daytime talk show Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Kate admitted that she felt “a teen mom”, gave birth to son Ryder at 24-years old, almost 15 years before the birth of his little sister Rani.

— I felt at 12 years old when I got it, — joked the actress. — In terms of a Hollywood actress, I was like a teen mom. Me and Reese [Witherspoon] was as teenage mothers. Our children appeared in the young, as for me, age.

The celebrity said that although in recent years it has still hard, but she and the kids never complain.

— We’re having fun. I know my children best, but I can take the time to let off steam. I have to admit, the last time still hard because I am breastfeeding, added Hudson.

We will remind, during last pregnancy Hudson do not deny yourself the opportunity to rest and preen. But it is in the later lines. In the first months of pregnancy, the actress was quite uncomfortable, even for a long time have not visited the page in social networks. “If you were concerned about why I was not in the social networks so much time, I would say that it felt bad. From boomerangs… I was sick the Beginning of this pregnancy was the most difficult compared to previous ones.”

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