“The main thing is not to become an aging fat alcoholic”: Lolita sends her ex-husband night SMS

«Главное — не стать стареющей жирной алкоголичкой»:  Лолита Милявская шлет бывшему мужу ночные смс

After nine years of marriage relations the Lolita Milyavskaya and Dmitry Ivanov broke up. And though it’s been a few months, the singer still can’t forget her husband.

«Главное — не стать стареющей жирной алкоголичкой»:  Лолита Милявская шлет бывшему мужу ночные смс

About breaking up a couple who seemed quite happy and didn’t pay attention to stereotypes, learned in early July of 2019. Tennis player Dmitry Ivanov was ten years younger than the singer, but the problem in this never before seen, and apparently it was not a cause of divorce. The Lo repeatedly argued that Dima though under age, but wiser than her.

Recently the singer admitted that he still feels the pain and the burden of parting with her husband, even writing to him in the night for free, from which in the morning becomes embarrassing. Saved the Palladium, as always, work, creativity, and psychologist. She is now fully immersed in touring, festivals and their songs.

— I’m not as strong as many think. I, too, sometimes excruciatingly painful, same as everyone else, we have sick. Sometimes you don’t know what to do with it. There’s no recipe that will help is universal. For example, I listen to the psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky. He had wise advice, but they don’t help, unless you live all that is in your heart, — the singer admits.

It is worth noting the courage of Lolita, because not every woman is able to admit their true feelings without fear of causing sidelong glances and regret. However, the singer has always been distinguished by the straightforwardness and strength of will. And recognition in female weakness is strong action.

That Lolita hard going through a breakup, evidenced the need of a star in dealing with ex-husband. Yes, until now! That is why the singer can afford to write to Dmitry for free, even at night.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

It was a very warm evening at the “New Wave” @newwave_official.. Anniversary Angelika Varum @avarum ❤❤ If You know what It is..! How much great Strength, Love and Warmth in this very Fragile and Delicate Singer!!! Thank You for the Honor to be around this evening! You’re a real Daddy’s girl! Yuri Varum gave us not only Songs but also You! ❤

Does, polirani Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya) 27 Ser 2019 R. 6:02 PDT

— About what is happening in my heart, say those many texts that I write Dima in the night, and then apologize for it. But he wisely refers to this and understand everything. I’ve always talked about that, being 12 years younger than me, it is at times wiser than me. And this is his strength. Maybe there are couples that radiate and smile at the same time. I don’t want to pretend to be tough, they say, and such do not go away. Yes, from any go — openly stated the artist.

But most of all help the artist to her friends and colleagues. They now listen, wipe away her tears and inspire.

The singer lit up during the festival “New wave”, which brought together the cream of Russian show-business in Sochi. And the day before Lolita became a guest recitals Angelika Varum. It was very touching, because the famous friend publicly supported the Palladium, noting her talent and kindness.

— My girl! Smart, beautiful, talented, kind. Truly kind and generous. A man with a keen sense of justice, trusting, which often use unscrupulous characters. By the way, about the latest. If you are not able to love this girl like my own child, to take care of her, to pamper, if you are not ready to spend the rest of my life in love and harmony, — better not to come. Again — shoot on location! Look at these ruins you leave behind, is intolerable! But every time to collect brick by brick and restore this temple of love hellishly difficult! Love how my one and only woman on this huge planet lolita Milyavskaya the difficult. No strength, do not go! Disagree please refrain from commenting. Believe the word, not the case. — spoken by Anzhelika Varum.

Lola confessed how glad she has her favorite colleagues.

To have such friends — is half the battle. Now for me the main thing is not to let them down and not become an aging fat alcoholic — she said in her usual ironic manner.

Behind the gloom on the second plan, the actress still managed to set the stage on fire, performing his upbeat song “Champagne”. Not to derivati themselves and the audience, and began to dance.

But after the concert Lolita has again become a timid woman and admitted to reporters that her heart still belongs to her husband.

We break Lo was admitted to his Instagram on August 4. Then the singer said they went to not constantly argue, because the feelings have already started to fade. The actress also added that boasts ex-husband and even after a breakup will not give his offense to his fans.

We very smoothly began to treat each other lately. Not to turn into people constantly find out the relationship, this way! I had a wonderful “young” husband as much as 9 years. I wish him all the best, sincerely. Honestly, I survived the week, and then spat. Proud of his courage, after all, could stay and endure my whole life. Offense will not give my ex the one to attempt to write a reptile spine, with humor, admitted the singer.

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