Теона Дольникова и Максим Щеглов крестили ребенка заграницей The civil husband of actress shared a joyful event in a microblog. Coincidentally, it was the day his dad would have celebrated his birthday. Theon Dolnikova and her partner Maksim Shcheglov decided to hold the Ordinance in Tbilisi.
Теона Дольникова и Максим Щеглов крестили ребенка заграницей

The star of the musicals Theon Dolnikova and actor Maksim Shcheglov became the parents about six months ago. Almost immediately with the appearance of crumbs young mother began sharing with followers his photographs. And today the baby’s father told followers about a happy event in the family – newly born son baptised. The sacrament was held in Tbilisi.

“A miracle… Thank you, God! Love you, my “slices”! Love life! I remember about you, dad… the Kingdom of heaven. In your birthday baptized the youngest. The plan was not. So the Lord decided.

Really try to be that kind of man and father for my children as you were to me… Thank you all! And to everyone who are with us to this day! And near and distance! God bless you!” – Maxim Scheglov wrote in Instagram.

Теона Дольникова и Максим Щеглов крестили ребенка заграницей

Happy to share and godmother of the baby. Hope has published in her blog a picture of the baby and wrote: “Now we with the Luciano family.”

By the way, the son Teona and Maxim, in recognition of the parents with diaper shows an interest in music. In one interview they told me that the heir distinguishes all the family, lots of smiles and even remembers songs that mom sang to him while pregnant. Dolnikova emphasizes that after the birth felt real happiness and inner harmony.

Recall that the actress was not immediately informed fans that became a mother. The baby was born prematurely, and young parents feared for his health. Fortunately, baby was born strong and healthy, so I quickly gained weight and got stronger.

Teona Dolnikova now leads. She had already lost 13 pounds and plans to lose another 15. The girl regularly reports on the achievements and takes off videos of his workouts.

Also, the actress supports other women who have recently had babies. Star does not recommend mothers eat the sweet, to have children, not have a problem with digestion. For the kindness the fans thank him and Express words of admiration. “You’re tenacious, goddess,” “Theon, you beauty! Always strive for perfection! I very much support”, “to See you smile for me a great happiness! Believe in you, my Theo!” – write the subscribers.