Pregnant Glafira Tarhanova ended up in a scandal at the airport

Беременная Глафира Тарханова угодила в скандал в аэропорту A star of movies and TV series waiting for replenishment in the family, was not allowed on the plane. A woman with a mother, sister and children were vacationing on the island of Corfu. Family made it home safely, and Glafira Tarhanova had to spend abroad another day.

Actress Glafira Tarkhanov, who is in the last stages of pregnancy, were not able to fly away from Greece. The woman bought a plane ticket to Moscow, but it was not allowed on the flight. The cause of the incident, the star is not revealed, but fans suspect that the airline did not dare to let on Board a passenger, because she is about to give birth.

“What a day. The children have gone home without me. Well at least not alone, but with my mom and sister. And I, despite everything, smiling and waiting for tomorrow’s triple flights with two transfers, as the other ticket just there,” – wrote in a blog artist.

Glafira Tarhanova was supposed to fly to Moscow yesterday. But because of the broken plans, she had to stay in Corfu even days. Fortunately, the actress spent the night not at the airport – a familiar woman was able to shelter her at home.

Today, the star finally planning to go home. However, the pregnant actress will have to gain strength and to endure several changes. First of Corfu it will fly to Athens and thence to Thessaloniki, and only then to Moscow. How long is the way, the artist said.

The Glafira Tarhanova 33 years. Together with her husband Alexey Fadeev, actor and stuntman, she is raising three sons – nine-year-old Korney, six-year and four-year Ermolai of the proud. Soon the family is expected to replenish.

Recall that on the fourth pregnancy of actress journalists started talking in may. Then on one of the social events, the star flashed in a stylish loose dress. Outfit Glafira did not hide significant changes in her figure. Later, the artist began to share photos with a rounded tummy on Instagram.

Debut of the actress in the movie took place in 2003 in the film “Theatre Blues”, but popularity came to her in 2006 with the release of the TV series “Thunder”. At the time of employment in the theater, she was forced to abandon the lead role in the film “the amphibian Man”.

On account of the artist 33 roles in films and television series and 11 theatrical performances. In 2015, Glafira Tarhanova received the award “Femme Fatale — Femme fatale of the year”, and in 2016 for the first time tried himself in the role of leading the program “save my child”.