Ольга Бузова решила покинуть Россию Star will make a pause in concert activity and go to the Seychelles. Olga Buzova will be one of the leading on the Island of Love. In turn, Andrei Cherkasov back in Moscow. Fans of the presenter think a little break will do her good.
Ольга Бузова решила покинуть Россию

Recently Olga Buzova fully immersed in the work. The star is not only seen on air the reality show “Dom-2”, but working hard on new hits, and also performs at various venues. In addition, the celebrity began preparations for the big solo concerts, which will take place in November in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. In this regard, Olga almost no sleep and little rest. Many colleagues note that Buzova is to take a break and recharge.

Recently it became known that the brunette decided to pause their busy activities. Olga will leave Russia and go to the distant Seychelles. Information about this appeared on the official website of the TV project “Dom-2”. As representatives of the reality show, a celebrity will replace Andrew Cherkasova and will become the fifth leading to the Island of Love. The channel guide TNT has decided to assist in the trip Buzova, she was able to relax a bit.

In turn, she will have to refuse many tempting offers for concerts. Fans of the star can enjoy her performances after some time. This fall Buzova will return to the stage.

Recall that recently, the singer Anna Sedokova, supported his colleague in show business. The performer was amazed at the abilities of Olga Buzova not to pay attention to the opinion of spiteful critics.

“Brave and strong. We don’t know who you close. I don’t even have your phone. But I don’t understand how you cope with this hate around. I read the comments just a few posts, and I was not myself. Every second considers it necessary to discuss, to criticize. But the first protects. You see, I go away,” shared Anna in his microblog.

At the same time, criticism of the activities of Olga Buzova continue to Express dissatisfaction with her singing career. So, in the Internet appeared the video “Little brains”, which parodied one of the recent hits of the stars and beauty blogger Natasha Krasnov decided to record a Diss on her creativity. The woman claims that he did not want to offend the presenter personally. “Word – sick! We rewrote them several times that the message was not degrading, and banter. This song is the stone not so much in the garden Buzova how much is just show business”, – said Krasnov “StarHit”. Resident “Comedy battle” severely humiliated Olga Buzova