Виктория Лопырева закатила девичник в Греции Close lopyrevoy staged dances in a nightclub, and then by the pool. All the girls were dressed in body black colour, which was written in English the name Victoria.
Виктория Лопырева закатила девичник в Греции

On the eve of the Victoria Lopyreva was 34 years old. Model and Ambassador of Rostov-on-don for the 2018 world Cup threw a party on the island of Mykonos in Greece. The event brought together close friends of the girl, who was dressed in a black bodysuit with a print of Miss V, dedicated to the birthday girl. Later they wore white shirts decorated with the name of the hero of the occasion.

According to the post one of the girls in the social network, Victoria knew nothing about upcoming guests. “Surprise, I’m very happy. And let the firecrackers were not allowed to carry in the Luggage, we’ll find a way to surprise always!” – wrote Alina, a friend of lopyrevoy.

The birthday girl herself changed several outfits that emphasized her perfect figure. Victoria first met her friends in a bright pink jumpsuit. Friend Victoria burst into her room with a bunch of colored balloons and sang her the traditional song Happy Birthday.

“I have the best girlfriend in the world! And the first day of my OTHERS – always a slumber party!” – signed video Lopyreva.

During lunch girls enjoyed mini-burgers, departing on the day from proper nutrition. The birthday girl literally glowed with happiness that she was able to spend the day in the company of beloved friends.

Towards evening the girls decided to go to the local club. Victoria wearing short shorts and a black bodysuit, as her guests. “When I’m with you all the thoughts that come to me, wild,” said Lopyreva, put it to blog sexy videos.

In the short video, she’s dancing on the table, sexually twisting his body. Victoria demonstrates the grace and slender figure. Many fans of the model to admire her slender legs, but also note that modeling friend also look luxurious. The celebration ended with dancing by the pool. Incendiary girls was moving under the well-known hits and laughed happily.

According to the forecasts of Clara Kuzenbaeva, Vick will face a difficult year. Numerologist advises models to marry Nikolai Baskov, as they are completely different people. Numerologist: “Lopyreva and Basques don’t fit together”

“Both impatient, jealous and used to compete – even with the closest people. Therefore, the stars are unlikely to coexist in the same area, are often in conflict: Nicholas will dominate over Victoria, and she will try to subdue him. Cole will always be missed near Victoria warmth, because he’s subtle nature,” said Clara.