Тео Джеймс признался, что не любит фотографироваться с фанатами

Fans of Theo James, be prepared for the fact that if you one day are lucky enough to date an actor, it is unlikely you will be able to take a selfie with him. Star fiction franchise “Divergent” has admitted that far from this trend because fails the fans in the request to be photographed with him.

“The moment I still can’t get used to is the fact that many ask me is it possible to me to take a picture. To be honest, I have a slight Allergy to selfies and social media I have – all this seems to me a bit annoying and too self-centered. So I always say that being photographed will not, but will chat with pleasure”, said James with journalists ES Magazine.

Note that teo is not the only actor who admits to dislike taking pictures with fans.

Emma Watson also said that her fans should not expect her selfie because she does not want her location became known to the public: “If someone puts a picture together with me in the network, all immediately begin to discuss what I was wearing or where they are. My exact location will immediately be made public”.