Бывший муж Ольги Корбут: «Она выставила медали на продажу из-за молодого супруга» The Olympic champion had planned to keep one for memory, but it was too late. Leonid Bortkevich told about how Olga Korbut lives in the United States and how she lost her honorary prizes at the auction.

      Бывший муж Ольги Корбут: «Она выставила медали на продажу из-за молодого супруга»

      At the 1972 Olympics in Munich, the world learned about the Soviet teammate Olga Korbut. The day after the speech, she woke up famous. “Amazing mobility, especially in combination with a slight increase. No doubt, she is one of the greatest gymnasts” – so came the words of the commentator. Korbut won three gold medals and one silver. Two of the awards she received at the Olympic games in 1976. And in gymnastics there are new elements – the “Korbut Flip” and “Korbut Loop” which nobody in the world could not repeat. In 1991 Olga was invited to USA to teach, and she left with her husband, musician Leonid Bortkiewicz. “At that time on the planet was the three most famous person is Gagarin, Presley and Korbut,” says Bortkiewicz.

      Marriage of Olga and Leonid collapsed in 2000 when he was offered again to lead the ensemble “Pesnyary” and he returned home. Olga remained in America and found a new love – businessman named Jay.

      Cried all night

      Бывший муж Ольги Корбут: «Она выставила медали на продажу из-за молодого супруга»

      At the end of February over the news: “Legendary gymnast Olga Korbut sold his Olympic medals for a total of $230 thousand For desperation pushed her difficult financial situation”. The most valuable item at auction was the gold medal of the Olympic games 1972 in the team tournament, which went under the hammer for $66 thousand Others trophies estimated modest. “Gold” the same Games for free exercises bought for $52.8 thousand, and “silver” on parallel bars for $24.6 thousand

      Olga Korbut sold Olympic medals

      “Oh my God! In Russia published an article about how I sold his medals because sitting on broke and needed the money. Not true! I’m happy in Arizona and healthy. I have a great life!” – wrote in his Twitter Korbut and silent…

      “StarHit” contacted Leonid Bortkiewicz. The former couple are still friends. “Olya, we are all the time, – told the “StarHit” Bortkevich. – When all this happened, she called, saying, “Leon, help! Tell them what happened really. That’s my reward. I’m free to do with them whatever you want.” She is very upset. She used to love giving interviews, and now afraid.”

      In 2002 Korbut was charged with theft. Supposedly in supermarket Atlanta she was trying to steal the products for $20.

      “Olga then cried all night – continues Leonid. – In fact, she just forgot my wallet in the car. Informed the seller about this, then the guards took her to the car. And in the end, nothing blew…”
      Бывший муж Ольги Корбут: «Она выставила медали на продажу из-за молодого супруга»

      According to Bortkiewicz, Korbut, not a curse. “Oli Jay is the husband, the businessman younger than her, adds Leonidas. – He received an inheritance from her father. In their possession a house and an apartment in Phoenix. Olga receives royalties from gymnastic elements and gives master classes for children. As for medals, they are constantly asking to rent for events of all kinds. When at the end of last year I received such an offer, Jay said, “well let’s get them on the Internet auction and find out the cost”. Trophies instantly registered as a lots. When it became known price, Korbut tried to return the medals, but was stopped, they say, Basta – found buyers. Olga wanted to leave the memory at least one… But the upset did not. Over the years of his life in America, she changed her attitude towards awards, it’s the things, the main thing that you are forever entered in history. First offer on the sale of medals Korbut received many years ago, when we opened gymnastics Hall of fame in Atlanta. One of the sponsors whispered Olga, that would have bought medals – one million dollars for each, but she refused”.

      39 kg per wet coat

      Abroad Olga Korbut idolized – excitedly invited to dinner parties and talk shows. “Still remember with a smile how US President Richard Nixon invited Korbut to the White house in 1973, – says Leonid. – She had not yet lived in America and didn’t know how it looks like the President. Came Nixon, a high, thin. Ola immediately smiled: “Oh, how small you are!” She, thinking that it was another reporter retorted: “And you are so big”. Journalist Maria Shriver, ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, was filming a story about Olga and even lived at her house for three days. Since they are friends. The gymnast showed Shriver your area of fame red ribbon awards on the wall. “Olga robbed a couple of times, but the rewards did not take –probably, were afraid,” adds Bortkiewicz.

      Saw Korbut and by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald trump, Jim Carrey, and other celebrities. “Over the years the excitement abated a little, but Olga also leads an active life and gives master-classes, – says ex-husband. – I go in once a year. Olga prepares – otesh mind! Especially pancakes and pancakes with meat. However, she eats pods… she used to joke that it weighs 39 kg and then a wet coat.”

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      Korbut regularly selected from all the nature and fishing, loves shopping. Four years ago, Olympic champion became a grandmother – her grandson was born, who was named Valentin. Son of Olga and Leonid Richard for 34 years. He lives in Atlanta, has been in business.

      “Alas, Richie divorced his wife, but Valya Skype, – says Leonid. – Olga’s grandson comes to visit. She’s a good grandma and positive person, but often speaks the truth-womb in the eye, so not everyone loves her. But what Korbut unique in its kind, leaves no doubt.”