Новый клип Ольги Бузовой довел фанатов до слез The video for the song “Used” already appeared in the Network. Olga Buzova intrigued fans by posting images from the future. The star recalled the difficult moments that she had to endure.

In the debut video for the song “Used” Olga Buzova tried to convey the pain that she had to move. Work roller was carried out in several pavilions. Master of computer graphics brought the footage to perfection, using visual effects. The artist changes a few outfits and images in the video.

To the surprise of fans, the number of scenes they see Buzova with blond hair. Probably, she wore the wig in order to evaluate changes that have happened to her in the last six months. Olga was completely different, and her eyes filled with sadness.

“You know how long I went to it, and finally presenting his video for the song “Used”. This video was for me very personal, the path to emotional recovery! Of course, before a full recovery is still far away, but I feel your support! I know you’re out there! Thank you for this! I hope that I have removed the legendary Alexey Golubev you will enjoy, because we tried for you my dear. Really looking forward to the reviews,” said the artist.

Fans of the star reacted to her debut work. “The clip is very, very moving, breathtaking”, “Experienced every emotion along with you!” “Sit, cry, even do not know why, tears flow,” “Scream, however, very penetrating! Just can not believe that you “don’t hurt anymore”, on the contrary, in the eyes of the visible real emotions”, – wrote in social networks, the fans of creativity Buzova.

Olga Buzova openly about divorce: “Beloved betrayed me”

She told the star during the filming of the clip that I’ll try not to think about the difficult period of life in his compositions. The story of Olga’s close to many women who have broken up families.

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“We always think that our tragedy is the most patient, and love is the most powerful, but when faced with the betrayal of a loved one, realized that only myself can help myself” – said Olga “StarHit”.