A famous tennis player Ilya Polonsky admitted guilt in a fatal accident

Известный теннисист Илья Полонский признал вину в смертельном ДТП Journalists reported that 21-year-old athlete knocked down a woman in New Moscow. The tragedy occurred on the Kaluzhskoye highway. According to correspondents, the young man fled the scene but later turned himself in to police.

      Известный теннисист Илья Полонский признал вину в смертельном ДТП

      Today it became known that the 21-year-old champion of Moscow’s tennis Ilya Polonsky was responsible for a deadly traffic accident. The car brand “Opel-Korsa”, at the wheel which there was an athlete, a woman knocked on the Kaluga highway in New Moscow. The tragedy occurred in the neighborhood of 38-th kilometer of the highway.

      Journalists report that a victim of a collision was a 64-year-old woman. In that moment, when the accident occurred, she was crossing the road. After the incident, she was urgently hospitalized. According to reporters, the victim was seriously injured. Despite the fact that doctors fought for the life of a Muscovite, she died in a few hours.

      Ilya Polonskiy was born in the capital on 7 March 1996. The young man is a champion of Moscow’s tennis. Despite his young age, he managed to participate in a large number of sporting events, including well-known international tournaments.

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      Apparently, the tennis player Ilya Polonsky provoked the fatal accident, too, repented. The young man first fled the scene, then the police announced it the car wanted. In addition, the incident began checking. However, after a while Polonsky turned himself in to police. According Life.ru the athlete pleaded guilty.

      Recall that last spring, the culprit of the fatal accident was the son of Nikas Safronov, a famous pianist Luca Zatravkin. He knocked down an old woman, and then she died from his injuries on the spot. During the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” Luke said frankly that depressed about it. “I feel guilty. And ready to suffer for this all the necessary responsibility. I am also willing to help the relatives of this woman, I am very worried about what happened. I now really very difficult,” – said the musician.

      Earlier, in February 2016, the actor Valery Nikolaev brought down the pedestrian in the center of Moscow. The victim was 54-year-old woman, she was taken to the hospital with multiple fractures and bruises. Nikolaev has made arrival on the inhabitant of the capital, crossing the tram tracks. When the artist was detained law enforcement officers, he offered them resistance. Valery did not get out of the car and pressed on the gas, despite the fact that the police stood in front of the hood. Nikolaev later publicly repented of his actions.