Полиция задержала поклонника-маньяка, преследовавшего Тейлор Свифт

The downside of fame is annoying, often aggressive fans that follow the star on their heels, violating her personal space. More than a year from such pressure suffered singer Taylor swift. More than a year singer pursued maniacally minded fan, who in December 2016 even tried to get into the house Taylor. Fortunately, at the time, to do so he failed. But the Stalker decided not to stay and made four more attempts of infiltration on private property. Moreover – he gave a swift constant calls, including intercom.

In February, a Stalker was in the apartment of the singer, but when she called the cops, the Stalker was already gone.

Now the man was finally caught! They found 29-year-old Mohammed Jaffar. He was charged with harassment and misdemeanor trespassing, burglary. Currently assigned to the Deposit in the amount of 20 thousand dollars. Will there be a trial in this case is unknown.

Note that the house, which is home to Taylor is not the worst. For housing in a luxury complex in Manhattan swift gave $ 20 million, hoping for safety and security. It seems that love and desire to meet with the idol can destroy any obstacles.