Младший сын Виктории Бекхэм начинает карьеру певца
11-year-old Cruz predict the success of Justin Bieber.

Младший сын Виктории Бекхэм начинает карьеру певца

David Beckham sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

Photo: @Instagram davidbeckham David Beckham

David Beckham has decided
to share a new photo of youngest son Cruz in his
microblog. And this picture has caused quite a stir. Father
captured 11-year-old son in the Studio with microphone and headphones at the moment when he
worked on recording songs. And this photo was the confirmation that Cruz
permission of their parents is seriously engaged in singing. This was announced
newspaper Daily.mail.

That Cruz is well able to sing, all learned some time ago, when his parents posted a video where he performs the song Hopefull in the style of R&B. Watching this entry was struck by how perfectly the boy has his voice and what he has a rare sense of rhythm. Famous TV presenter and producer Simon Coles said, after listening to Cruz that he was ready tomorrow to sign a contract with him. But it seems that the parents chose for him the son of another producer — Rodney Jerkins, because it is in his Studio, David Beckham made the last shot. Rather, it insisted Victoria. Because jerkins contributed greatly to the development of careers, not only Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber, but the Spice Girls, which was once made by Mrs Beckham.

By the way, experts argue that Cruz has the talent, no less than Justin Bieber. And this despite the fact that the son of Beckham’s three years younger than Bieber was when he started performing on stage. So the crews are simply excellent prospects. And if he doesn’t change his mind and won’t change the decision to make singing his profession, he predicted a brilliant career.