Fans of Larisa Guzeeva pounced with charges on her child

Поклонники Ларисы Гузеевой накинулись с обвинениями на ее ребенка The presenter had to apologize to his fans for the picture of your daughter. On the page the woman posted the heiress, posing for the camera in the carnival makeup is for Halloween. The followers did not appreciate the efforts of the Lely and criticized the girl’s mother.

      Larisa Guzeeva did not anticipate that her successor on Halloween would cause such lively reactions. In his microblog she put a photo of Lely, which was signed that wishes everyone a good night. Awesome makeup girl seriously scared of Network users and generated a lot of controversy. Most of the followers did not appreciate the artistic skills of a teenager. According to them, Larisa Guzeeva is not a person who supports Western values. Was quite unexpected that the family is leading the “let’s get married” celebrates Halloween. They criticized the celebrity heiress and noted that the imitating this fashion, there is nothing like Satan’s beginning, which has a detrimental effect on the psyche of children.

      It should be noted that most of the audience has not spoken directly to the address of Lely, but only drew attention to the fact that it is not necessary to note senseless, in their opinion, a holiday which does not carry anything preachy. Larisa Guzeeva was unable to restrain his emotions and sided with his family. She asked the commentators, which is not ustrivaet this situation, unsubscribe from its pages. She said that nothing she and her family didn’t celebrate. As wrote the artist, its successor is currently seriously ill and sitting at home. That though as-that to diversify leisure, painted my face and even my grandmother.

      Daughter Larisa Guzeeva: “I am lazy”

      “Everyone has their own opinion, it is bad for You or good. Or close all and read only what you want to see and hear”, “God, envy, no no, just feel sorry for the people who do not realize that painting their faces, Natalya nasty masks and celebrating this holiday is very much attracting to himself the satanic force, and then … Better not to talk about the consequences, and bring upon themselves trouble,” “When in America, will celebrate Shrove Tuesday , then I’ll make myself a make for Halloween!”, “This festival is not for the people of Russia!” – posted by enraged netizens.

      Not all subscribers are so categorical in their statements. After the statement Guzeeva they supported her and wished her daughter a speedy recovery. Many of the followers seemed pointless to discuss this subject, because, in their view, is a personal matter. They believe that instead to discuss the origins of Halloween, they would have praised the successor to Larissa for her creative thinking and ability to create realistic images even on a medical bandage, which published the leading. It should be emphasized that the star was outraged by the mere discussion. In fact it seemed to her that nothing prejudicious she did not.

      “Suggest: pick up a drum and build from my page! I have the best daughter in the world – good and with a huge loving heart! Hurts – so sketches are drawn in color!” – responded to the accusations of the artist.

      Fans could not decide who is right. And yet preverzhentsev Larissa was much more, so they are quite convincing was given to understand by some subscribers, that her cause there is nothing that could offend someone or hurt someone’s religious and moral interests. But Guzeeva left is outraged not only by the criticism of his daughter, but model Natalia Water, a photo of which was published after picture with her daughter. She was surprised by how negative comments about her followers.

      “I read the comments and in shock. Women, what are you angry and envious? That is if you pumped yourself five liters of silicone, and 15 transactions doing it beautiful?”, “What evil comments! I have the feeling that around some of Queen”, “In the person all should be beautiful: face and clothes, soul and thoughts. It’s about Natalia Vodianova,” wrote the followers to support the words of Larisa Guzeeva.