Младший сын довел Юлию Барановскую до слез Mother of many children today for many is an example to follow. However, in the life of Yulia Baranovskaya not everything is always smooth as it seems at first glance. Julia recently told why the son made her cry.
Младший сын довел Юлию Барановскую до слез

More than six years ago, Yulia Baranovskaya broke up with the famous football player Andrey Arshavin. It is noteworthy that in this difficult period for Yulia she was pregnant with my third child. Despite the difficulties and experiences, Baranovskaya managed to establish a life and start with a clean slate.

Looking today at happy Julia, it’s hard to believe it sometimes misunderstandings occur with children. In a recent interview, the TV presenter confessed: recently the younger son Arseny brought her to tears.

“Recently, I offended him and wept and asked for forgiveness. And he came up to me and said, “Mom, everything in life makes mistakes. Good that you understood it, don’t cry,” shared Julia.
Младший сын довел Юлию Барановскую до слез

Julia, despite the busy, he tries as much time to devote to the heirs. Moreover, she, like any loving mother who does everything that her children grow up kind and educated people. Today the presenter is watching closely so they do not “sit” in social networks, such as Internet resources, according to Baranovskaya, is evil. “The Internet is a field of irresponsible people. On the Internet you will never meet, there can write anything you want. As soon as you make a hard punishment by rouble for insults, obscenities and gossip on the Internet, then I will be quiet”, — stated its position Julia.

Another reason Baranovskaya prohibits the use of children by social networks, it is fear for what about the Arshavin of her children will be to ask the users of the network. We will remind, two years ago, the athlete married Alice Catimini, which left Baranovskaya. The couple have a daughter together. Kazmin is trying to tell the public about life with a famous football player.

“I prefer not to dwell on our relationship, it’s personal. I don’t understand Yulia Gennadyevna (ex-wife of Andrew. — Approx. ed.) who wants to brag. If the time comes, the story she tells right and left, appear in a very different guise – as is indeed the case. I have 10 years of marriage behind them and two children. Do not like the publicity and attention. I’m pretty modest,” said “StarHit” Alice Kazmina.

According to Julia, children love dad, waiting for him, and the player in turn wishes to establish contact with them. About it sad fact Baranovskaya was not afraid to speak openly in the interview with Cosmo.

Julia Baranovskaya: “Arshavin’t wait”