«Пирожок ни с чем»: Лоза раскритиковал Бузову за вседозволенность Olga Buzova became the epicenter of the scandal. Yuri Loza negatively expressed in the address of the presenter, noting that its activities are on the stage affects the development of the younger generation.
«Пирожок ни с чем»: Лоза раскритиковал Бузову за вседозволенность

For more than a year Olga Buzova has been successfully building a career in music. She persistently produces new hits, trying to prove to others that you are worthy of the honorary title of artist. Here are other stars of the scene are extremely reluctant to accept her into their circle.

So, Yuri Loza have repeatedly spoken out negatively in the first round. At this time, the singer said that the behavior Buzova has a negative impact on the worldview of the younger generation.

“She’s nothing, a pie with nothing. She’s not an artist. If you are going to do some lewdness, rest assured that your children will do the same and you cannot will them blame. When you talk to them, they just remove his pants and show you naked ass, how did you do it on stage,” said Vine.
«Пирожок ни с чем»: Лоза раскритиковал Бузову за вседозволенность

According to the artist, Olga is bad for young people, which is its main audience. The Vine has accused colleagues of corruption of the generation. In his opinion, some things in the scene like that is not acceptable. Only realizing his ultimate goal, the purpose of musician can benefit society.

“What do you want? to bring up something good in people? Something nice to say to people? Or teach them bad? Well, if you want to teach something bad, rest assured that the poor will turn against you. Think 10 times before to do anything… they’re calling all artists: come on out, say something good, sing about the good, learn good. Then be sure that your children will copy you and you will do the same,” said the musician.

But Olga Buzova don’t agree with the words of the Vine. Earlier, the presenter repeatedly stated that her fans are the best and wisest people on Earth. It is to them that she dedicates the majority of their songs, which tells about exciting its problems. Fans meet the young singer back again and again when visiting her concerts.

Recently Olga has reported that it is preparing a new creative program with which to go on tour. The presenter promised a lot of surprises that are sure to please admirers of her work.

Yuri Loza is confident that the outfits are contemporary artists, like their speech, should be as noble. Dealing with “the Fifth channel”, he urged colleagues to refuse from the Mat in his compositions, so as not to corrupt the younger generation that looks up to their idols.

Yuri Loza compare Olga Buzova with octopus