The youngest daughter Tatiana Navka strives to be like my mother

Младшая дочь Татьяны Навки стремится во всем быть похожей на маму Little Nadia who was born three years ago, visiting a few sports and studying foreign languages. Star mom is happy with the success of girls. According to Tatyana Navka, the child tries to imitate her and stood up on the skates.

Tatiana Navka launches ice show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, which also involved Peter Chernyshev, Margarita Drobiazko, Povilas Vanagas, Philippe candeloro and other famous athletes. The vocals in the project performed by Filipp Kirkorov, Alexander Panayotov, Ani Lorak. Reporters interviewed the famous figure skater talked about work, plans for the New year and the upbringing of children.

Younger daughter Tatyana in this year was three. Charming Hope grows very active and inquisitive. The girl is engaged in gymnastics and is learning to ride. Reporters asked the star mother, imitating her successor.

“Yeah, she’s now an age, she copies me in everything. The skates we bought her in the summer. She asked them to. And recently there was a funny incident: my bracelet off my arms, I went around the house looking for him, and told me that when I left, Nadia stood up and with my own words, my gestures went around the house in search of a bracelet. Here’s the actress,” he told star sports.

According to Tatyana, all classes of Hope held in the form of a game. The athlete does not consider it necessary to put pressure on a child to instill in him the knowledge. Little Nadia is studying not only languages, but also goes to swimming.

“My daughter got her very full life. But the goal is that she certainly became an Olympic champion or a polyglot, we have. It is important for me to give Nadya all the opportunities for development and to help find a favorite activity. To rush things I wouldn’t, everything should be in its own time” – said the skater.

The eldest daughter of the grooves Sasha Joineu for 17 years. The girl is preparing for the exam to enter the University. Sasha work a lot to pass exams. According to Tatiana, the heiress not counting on the help of parents in adult life. Sasha from childhood instilled the idea that all you need to achieve their own labor. “She is not only a daughter but also a friend. Sasha is a very wise, and her advice help me, too,” said the Pastor.

In the nearest plans of Tatiana – New year. Day skater is going to perform, and in the evening to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. January 2, Navka again returned to work. “On vacation and can then imagine, what a pleasure to go there”, – quotes the star of “7 days”.