Младший Сын Джанабаевой и Меладзе станет певцом
Three year old Luke followed in the footsteps of their parents.

Albina Dzhanabaeva

Photo: Personastars.com

Three year old Luke followed in the footsteps of parents — singers Valery Meladze and Albina dzhanabaeva. As told happy mother, baby, always something sings.

“He is a born in love with music and loves to sing daddy’s song, — says Albina. — Sings in the morning when we eat Breakfast, in the afternoon, when I clean and include a vacuum cleaner… Grow up — give him to a music school. As a senior, Kostya, is making progress in programming.”

The eldest son of Albina and Valery, by the way, the day before yesterday was for 14 years. Dzhanabaeva touching congratulated the heir to the Network. “I am happy today especially, and doubly enjoyed the sun! the singer wrote in his personal blog. 14 years ago today, my boy, my son!!! What you’re an adult!!!! Congratulations to all of today’s birthdays!”

The coast, which, of course, was named in honor of brother Valery Meladze, appeared when the affair his parents no one knew. The singer is officially married with his first wife Irene, and raised three daughters. Then he told me that in his relationship with his first wife at that time had already lasted long difficult period. In the end, Valery left the first family only after 7 years. Albina while the time was pregnant with Luke. And, though the artists themselves don’t talk about it, rumor has it that in the same year, the singers have officially registered their marriage.