Воссоединение Spice Girls под угрозой
Halliwell scared fans of the group.

Воссоединение Spice Girls под угрозой

Group Spice Girls in 1990


it has appeared, fans group the Spice Girls too
before was delighted when in early February it was announced on the reunification
group. As recognized by one of the members of the famous band — Jerry Horner
(nee Halliwell), she absolutely
not sure what our plans will be realized.

“As much as
20 years we have been moving in different directions, we all now different
priorities. Each of us has one,
a very busy life, children, career… When we feel as one family,
but now things have changed…” said 45-year-old Jerry. As stated by the singer, she, like
she and her colleagues wanted to introduce the hits of the group a new generation of fans.
However, Holywell farther away, the more doubts that all participants
groups do manage to find the time to implement a joint project.

as it became known, about three weeks ago in the house of Halliwell a meeting was held where the girls seem to be able to achieve
agreement. However, the “peppercorns” immediately warned that fans are unlikely to see the whole
the five singing together on stage. The most famous of the participants — Victoria Beckham — said that, in
least she concerts to attend is not going to. But, the “peppercorn,” agreed then on joint recording a new album of their most
famous songs about the participation in the television musical talent competition and
working on some shows in China.

Then, the girls managed for the first time in
the last six years to find the time to
to come together. Since then, as the Spice Girls were no longer together
speech — and this happened in 2001, they appeared before the public only
only twice. First — when I went in 2007 to tour, and secondly, when
performed a “medley” of their most successful songs at the opening ceremony
The Olympic games in 2012.

Group Spice Girls in 2018