Молодая жена Бориса Невзорова мечтает родить ему ребенка The fourth wife of the famous actor shared the most intimate. Despite nine years of living in a civil marriage Boris Nevzorov has decided not to take to the registry office Elena Khripunova.

      Молодая жена Бориса Невзорова мечтает родить ему ребенка

      The next edition of “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov was dedicated to actor and Director, people’s artist of Russia Boris Nevzorov. In the Studio apart from the main character gathered colleagues of the actor, his friends and family. It was about creative and personal life of a star of Soviet and Russian cinema Boris Nevzorov.

      The actor was married three times, and now happy in fourth, civil, marriage with Elena Hripunova, who works in the accounting Department of the Maly theater, where now is Boris Nevzorov. Fiancee of famous actor younger than his 25 years, Elena 41 years, Boris 66 years. In interview to the program “Tonight” Elena Khripunova admitted that he still hopes to give your man son or daughter. “In my opinion, all normal women want children from the beloved person, – Elena said. – But so far we have not obtained. I try not dwell on it. I know that there are artificial ways, but I don’t want, and Boris, too, it does not accept”.

      Despite the fact that Nevzorov for the first nine years of civil marriage did not dare to make your beloved proposal of marriage, relations between spouses is touching. Khripunova when Elena appeared in the Studio, the actor rushed to her with the words: “my Little Helen came! I didn’t know. Surprise!”. And gently kissed her husband.

      Молодая жена Бориса Невзорова мечтает родить ему ребенка

      “She gets me sometimes, like, why not make the proposal,” laughingly said Boris Nevzorov. “I don’t get it,’ rejoined the wife. – This issue does not affect, except vaguely. Myself to the Registrar not lugging, I think that should do it man.” Talking about Elena, Nevzorov admitted that she literally saved him. Through the tragic death of second wife, Anastasia Ivanova, and which had behind negative experiences of family life, heavy stains and sections of the property, actor a few years ago decided to put an end to his personal life, and only a chance encounter with Elena Hripunova forced him to reconsider his principles. “Lena saved me, I can honestly say, – said Boris Nevzorov in the Studio of the program “Tonight”. – I have said many times myself that I don’t need more relationships, family… And she appeared, and I realized that I needed. I was flying, falling, and she had framed their own hands, and I am grateful”.

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