5 самых безумных выходок Никиты Джигурды
For the 55th anniversary of the singer’s extravagant portal 7days.ru gathered five of his most controversial actions.

Nikita Dzhigurda

Photo: Andrew Airstream

The flamboyant Nikita Dzhigurda today was 55 years old. Portal 7days.ru have prepared a selection of the most outstanding and eccentric antics of the artist that never ceases to shock the public.

1. Shot a video of the births of his wife and the moment of conception
future daughter

In 2009, the extravagant singer took video of the birth of his son Mika-Angela. Sitting in a hospital room, he morally supported his wife,
skater Marina Anisina, song by
guitar the Holiness of the birth of a new life. Mount nice video, Nikita
posted a movie to the Internet. “Birthing video”
excited the audience with a flurry of emotions, but many reactions were indignant. But the star couple is not
stopped. After a while the couple filmed the “home video”, which, according to
the actor, depicts the conception. Nine months later was born their daughter Eva-Vlad. The second video caused no less scandalous reactions and
Nikita fallen out with his parents Marina. However, the popularity of anything do not hesitate
pairs from the appearance of this candid filming has only increased.

2. Declared himself a God

In the summer of 2011 during the festival of memory of Vladimir Vysotsky in
Volgograd, held under the patronage of Metropolitan Herman of Volgograd and Kamyshin, Nikita Dzhigurda once again disgraced. The singer previously called itself a supporter of
Satan and a Luciferian, was forbidden to participate in the concert. The program of events included a prayer service. And Herman said, “where are the prayer, the presence of Dzhigurdy inappropriate”. Angry singer in debt and announced…
himself to be God. The statement provoked the wrath of the priests, who urged the singer to think again, threatened
excommunication from the Church. However, the actor insisted. “I, Nikita
Dzhigurda, doing more than Jesus Christ, listening to his Covenants. The Church is not
like. That’s their problem. They don’t know the Bible,” said Dzhigurda.

3. Danced in the style of
South Korean singer PSY

In 2012, almost the world was fascinated by the incendiary single “Gangnam Style”, it was performed by South Korean singer-songwriter PSY. In a few months the song gathered more than
1 billion views on YouTube
funny Korean grimace, misbehaved, sang and performed a fancy dance, at once became his calling card. To the popularity of songs remained
indifferent and Nikita Dzhigurda. He wrote on Twitter that if he
the message will collect the 12,000 retweets before December 12, 2012, he will perform the famous dance PSY on the red square. Fans have left the idol, gathering the required number of retweets well before the “deadline”. And the flamboyant entertainer went on a Red
area. And really danced their own version of “Gangnam Style” — “Oppedisano”, which included the exercise really. Clip “Oppedisano” was released a week later.

4. Lost a bet and
walked in my underwear on the Arbat

On the eve of the semi-final of Eurovision 2013 Dzhigurda and the producer of the group “On-On” Bari Alibasov argued who would take the contest in the first place. Patriot Dzhigurda insisted that it will be the winner of “the Voice” Dina Garipova and Alibasov believed that she would not be able to repeat the success of Dima Bilan. Loser
the dispute had to walk around in my bra in the center of Moscow. Dean took the second place — a great result, but, alas, not victory. Dzhigurda got my skirt in a cage,
the bra and in such
the outfit walked on the Arbat in the company Bari Alibasov and group members “On-On”.

5. Required to send to Earth
a storm of unprecedented force

The new video was filmed recently in March. While vacationing at a resort, Nikita Dzhigurda, it seems, fell into a real frenzy! Together with his wife he was going to the beach and there were a hurricane wind and a heavy downpour of rain half-naked actor jumped out from under the canopy and, oblivious to the pouring rain, started… to cause a storm! “Long live
Russia, long live love!”, — he shouted. “Nikita! Nikita! Please, come back!”, — begged Marina Anisina.
But the entreaties of his wife, and the danger of becoming a victim of the disaster he ignored and continued to be worn in soaked lawn, singing “Oppa Dzhigurda”, marched, shouted, “People, be vigilant!” and, like the Petrel, demanded: “Let the stronger the storm comes!” Somewhere in the distance lightning flashed, thunder crashed. Artist remembering the Holy spirit, raised his hands:”Amen!”

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