Мадонна закрутила роман с манекенщиком

In anticipation of the court’s decision regarding her son Rocco, Madonna has decided to console himself with the work and new relationships. As is her usual, a new partner is much younger than his famous passions. The male model Soumahoro Abubakar, a former employee of the Agency Harrods was barely 25 years old, but his 57-year-old sweetheart is very much like it.

The representative of the Madonna does not comment on changes in the personal life of the singer, but friends of the actress claim that she spends with a new partner a lot of time since November of last year, when after a party, they both disappeared in an unknown direction. After that, the couple were seen strolling through the city, and a few weeks later, Abubakar quit his job at the Agency (she probably found a better paying occupation).
Recall that the last boyfriend was Madonna Timor Steffens. 26-year-old choreographer was accompanied by a celebrity and her children on trips to resorts, but during one of them the singer asked the dancer to collect things and get out.
Before Timor, Madonna was having an affair with 23-year-old choreographer Brahmin Sibatom. It was her record for maligawatte lovers.

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