Fans of Yana Rudkovskaya amazed at the size of her dressing room

Фанаты Яны Рудковской поражены размерами ее гардеробной The producer was allowed to look into the Holy of holies. Dressing room Yana Rudkovskaya, in the words of podpiski her microblog, similar to a boutique of clothing and accessories of a class “Lux”.

      Фанаты Яны Рудковской поражены размерами ее гардеробной

      Well-known producer and mother of three wonderful boys Yana Rudkovskaya not so long ago started a new tradition – every week she puts in the microblog video little son Sasha, to which three-year-old heir to the star family talks about something important or give parents any advice. Videos always evoke a strong reaction from podpiski Rudkovskaya, they admire the ingenuity of Sasha Plushenko, as well as how the child formulates his thoughts and speaks, despite his young age.

      This time Yana Rudkovskaya showed a video in which her husband and the heir busily and briskly moves on my mother’s dressing room, and as though a professional stylist, gives her advice, which shoes and handbag to choose for her next release. Video again made a splash. However, this time, in admiration of followers of the stars have led not so much to Plushenko, Jr., shows how to frame a dressing room producer. Fans were impressed and the size of the room, and the collections are on the shelves of clothes, shoes and handbags. Despite the fact that the video shows only a glimpse of things, many have managed to consider what famous brands they belong to.

      Фанаты Яны Рудковской поражены размерами ее гардеробной

      “It’s interesting, at least someone in this video really looks at the child? Several times I revised only for the collection of handbags”, “Here is the wardrobe! Cool!”, “The closet chic, any store would envy, the little boy cute”, “Not a dressing room, a dream shop!”, – write in comments to the post Yana Rudkovskaya her podpisey. However, many drew attention not only to the size of dressing and the amount of clothes in it, but what perfect order everything is contained. “Yana! There are no words! What is the wardrobe, many accessories, all carefully and correctly located. And how many Birkin! And the colors are all cool!”, “The order which is fantastic!” – unable to restrain his emotions about what he saw the beauty of the commentators.

      It is worth noting that Yana Rudkovskaya has never hidden his love for luxury brands. Not only for business and festive events, but in everyday life the producer chooses things from Chanel, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino and other brands such. Wherever they appear Yana Rudkovskaya, she always looks flawless and has long won the right to be called a style icon.

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