Молодая любовница Мэла Гибсона беременна
The actor confirmed that will soon become a dad for the ninth time.

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross

Photo: Legion-media

60-year-old Mel Gibson has confirmed through its spokesman that again soon
going to be a dad. His girlfriend 26 — year-old Rosalind Ross — soon will give the actor
it is already the ninth offspring. As told one of the friends of Mel,
Gibson is quite happy and looked forward to replenishing in your

Mel and Rosalind started Dating about two
years ago. Ross — a former rider-trapeze artist, winner of multiple
the international competitions. After completing his athletic career, she went to
College and became a writer. While working on one of the projects Rosalind and
first met Mel. Their business collaboration quickly grew into a novel, and
then Gibson and his girlfriend are practically inseparable. And earlier this year Mel
gave of his relationship with Rosalind “official” status, choosing her as his companion
to exit on the red carpet ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”. Ross
accompanied Gibson and his travels to film festivals in Cannes and Venice.

It is curious that the mother of the unborn child of Mel
by as much as 10 years younger than his eldest daughter — Hannah, who this year celebrated
36. First and only wife of actor Robin Moore, with whom he was married 31 years,
in addition to Hannah Mel gave birth to six more children. In addition, Gibson is a six-year
Lucia daughter from his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he broke up with
a scandal in 2011 when she accused him of beatings. However, since
the passion in the relationship between Gibson and Grigorieva have calmed down a little, and he accepts
active participation in the education of girls.