Екатерина Волкова рассказала о предательстве любимого человека The actress knew about the affair before the wedding. Beloved Ekaterina Volkova recently denied that she was wrong. However, the star was unable to forgive and groom called off the engagement. Then she thought, what a betrayal to survive is impossible.

      Actress Ekaterina Volkova, who became popular thanks to his participation in the TV series “Voroniny”, for more than six years happily married to dancer Andrey Karpov. The couple grows a charming daughter Lisa, who in March was five years old.

      However, the personal life of the actress has not always been rosy. Before meeting her current husband, Ekaterina Volkova has experienced a heartfelt drama. Getting ready for the wedding with a loved one, she learned that her fiancé wrong. The main disappointment of his life, the star of the TV series “Voronin” told the program “Personal” TV channel “Russia 1”.

      Has already been assigned to the day of the wedding when Catherine found in the beloved phone for free explicit content.

      “We each other trusted. We had two of the same phone, he was able to answer all my calls, and I’ll have it. We were driving in the car, and I pick up my boyfriend and say, “Oh, and you got the message unsent,” and he said “Yes read”. And I open and see a text: “Honey, the cat, waiting for you, where are you?” – says Ekaterina Volkova.

      That message ruined everything. Kate was not going to pursue a relationship with a man who cheated on her before the wedding. It was a very painful separation after a long relationship with attempts to reunite, which came to no avail.

      “Within a week of me made the fool, brought flowers, asked me about my health. He told me that I was just getting in my head. I asked honestly, to tell the truth, and he denied everything, saying nothing and everything. And it was at this point I just put a fat point”, – says the actress. Then it seemed to her that betrayal is impossible to survive.

      But about three weeks after breaking up with fiance on the phone Catherine received a message from her current husband, Andrei Karpov with the offer to come to the dance lesson. “What nonsense, I thought then, – continued Volkov. I now do not have time for this. And why not before? And let’s go!”

      It turns out that Andrey Karpov Kate liked when he came to the theater for her performances at the invitation of a common friend couple of actress Daria Sagalovoy. It is the Dasha hinted to the young man that Volkova free. And he had the courage and invited her to dance.

      However, in the life of this couple was a difficult period. It almost came to divorce. Star of the TV series “Voroniny” Ekaterina Volkova almost divorced

      The actress was jealous of her husband to the star of the series “Kitchen” Elena Armin van Buuren with which Karpov worked and therefore spent a lot of time with her. But the couple managed to overcome the crisis and now their relationship is completely calm.