Участницу «Битвы экстрасенсов» ограбили на съемках The clairvoyant Margaret bahtiarova the lost 100 thousand rubles. An unpleasant incident occurred with the woman still on the casting for the popular show. However, to talk about the incident, the witch decided just now. “StarHit” found what turned out to psychic attempt to be among the participants of the acclaimed project.

      Участницу «Битвы экстрасенсов» ограбили на съемках

      Hereditary witch came to Moscow from Krasnodar for the first time to participate in the casting on the 17th season of the show TNT “Battle of psychics”. Margaret was carrying a large sum for the first time in the capital, however, after the test, the woman has missed one hundred thousand rubles.

      “I took these notes in Krasnodar, thinking “what if there would be some Commission in another city, drove them around in my purse for food, accommodation,” says bakhtiyarova “StarHit”. – I am a man of power-sensitive, like all who have power. Riding the subway with her husband and as a single place smelled “something must happen”. Bag kept under the supervision of, almost in a knot tied up!”

      When they reached the set – Puppet theater, Margaret saw that the other members put your stuff in one place and decided I would do the same.

      New “Battle of the psychics: the millionaire, the risen prophet and adviser to Yeltsin

      “It was a premonition, because I knew that with me not around very often good people – continues bakhtiyarova. – Many of the “eliminated” competitors, suggesting rivals damage. Throwing things into the pile, I went to work. After some time they were not in place. I approached the organizers, reported the incident. But to write a statement to the police did not – and why? The law enforcement work will be added, and I still find nothing to help”.
      Участницу «Битвы экстрасенсов» ограбили на съемках

      In search of a purse Margarita organizers scoured the countryside, but in vain. The victim is sure what happened to the best!

      “I saved your own health! – said the woman. – It’s the law: a higher power is something taken in return. When someone tried to bring damage to me, to hurt me, I took the money. They booked me.”

      After the incident successfully passing the test “the trunk” and “Mr. x”, bakhtiyarova still got back an empty bag. “I like this thing was expensive and I asked the ancestral spirits of their ancestors to help me get her back,” admits the participant of the show. – Exactly two and a half hours, the organizers brought it down and gave into the hands of the lost. There on the bottom left I need to work the inventory and all documents.