Линдси Лохан изрядно потрепала нервы Андрею Малахову
Flew Hollywood star intermarried with the Russian TV presenter.

Линдси Лохан изрядно потрепала нервы Андрею Малахову

Lindsay Lohan and Andrey Malakhov

Photo: @malakhov007 Instagram Andrey Malakhov

Lindsay Lohan recently flew to Moscow in order to talk live with Andrei Malakhov. However, the creators of “Let them talk” was probably a little did not expect an interview with the Hollywood brawler might not go according to plan…

By the time when the record of ether Lohan was finished, it was five in the morning. At fault Lindsay has been a “small” delay, which made the crew much to work late. The cause of late actress has not officially been announced. It just closed in his room at the Ritz and did not yield to any persuasion to appear on the set. According to Life.ru she was simply unable to go anywhere because he was drunk. Supposedly, in the lobby of her hotel was even on duty Malakhov himself, who by hook or by crook tried to influence the situation.

Andrei Malakhov and Lindsay Lohan

However, at the moment when it seemed that a candid interview with Lohan about her relationship with the son of a Russian oligarch — Egor Tarasovym already frustrated, the star suddenly appeared on the set. Was, according to Andrew this is an incredibly touching and vulnerable. Lindsay herself in the end from communication with a Russian TV presenter was also left in awe. A picture together with him she signed my “Russian family”. So, the story of Lohan’s visit to Moscow ended with a happy ending. However, Andrew probably was a memorable interview with the American star.

Recall that the relationship with Lindsay Tarasovym lasted almost a year. That the actress started Dating Egor became known in the winter of last year. The case went to the wedding, until one day, Lohan accused the Russian bride in the attack. According to her, he attempted to strangle her. Tarabanov this story to comment in any way did not, but Lindsay is with great pleasure shared details with Malakhov.